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This 12 hp engine was built by the CP and J Lauson Co of Milwaukee, WI before 1908.  At that time the firm became Christensen  Engineering.  However, all engines were known by the trade name of Badger.  It is interesting to note that the general design was shared by several other makes. 

Bovaird Titan


This 25 hp engine was built by the Bovaird Company of Bradford, PA and named Titan.  It is very similar to the Superior engine except for the eccentric operated intake valve.  It was found north of Bradford just into New York state and operated a large rod line pumping power.  It  came here in the early 1980s.



Built by Evans Mfg. Co. of Butler, PA, this 15 hp engine dates to the 1910 era.  Although most common in the oil field, this one was found near Brookville, PA where it operated  an air compressor for a small clay mine.  Early features include the Gardner governor and the counterbalanced  crank.  It came here in the 1970s.

Evans Crosshead Model


This unusual engine was made in Butler, PA and is on loan from the Drake Well Museum.  It appears to be a transition model with a cross head on a dedicated gas engine frame.  Also, the timing gear is on the off side. It is circa 1905.  It originally pumped an oil well near Chicora, PA and came here about 2005. 


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