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This engine was built by the Backus Water Motor Co. of Newark, NJ about 1898.  It was found in the oil fields near Bruin, PA where it operated a rod line pumping power.  History relates that it originally served in a mill in Saxonburg, PA.  It features the eastern seaboard design and a pendulum governor.  It came here in the mid-1970s.



This 18 hp engine was built by the DuBois Iron Works in DuBois, PA in the 1910 to 1915 era.  It originally served in a flour mill in nearby Oliveburg, PA and was later moved to a farm for threshing near Smicksburg, PA.  It was bought at auction in the mid-1970s.  It still has much original paint and one of the few to exist.



This engine was built by the John Swan Co. of Lima, OH circa 1910 and shares features with the Lima engine in the FEH.  It  was found in a burned power house in the oil filed near Pennville, IN.  It came to the museum in the mid-1970s and required extensive restoration to operate again. 

Straight Line


This unusual engine was built in Warren, PA for oil field use.  Vintage would be circa 1905.  It features a pressure balanced exhaust valve, and still presents mysteries of the original operation.  Little is known of the maker and only a very few were produced.  It came to the museum about 1980. 


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